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You Have Questions & We Have Answers

PJC Freight Haulers is a service for the Owner Operator.  It is our job to find the best paying loads available, within the parameters established by your company. 


     1.  Does PJC Freight Haulers Have Its Own MC Authority?


          No, we do not have an MC Authority. You would run under your own Authority, or                 lease onto one of the fleets that we dispatch for & then run under their Authority.


     2.  Are you A Broker? 


          No, We are Not a Brokerage Firm. We do however work with brokers when booking               your loads.


     3.  Why should I use PJC Freight Haulers to find loads for me? 


           Moving freight is a job in itself, so we are here to ease your work load and make you                the most money possible while your on the road.


     4.  What do I need to sign up with PJC Freight Haulers?


             a. MC Authority or DOT Authority

             b. Insurance Certificate Listing your $1,000,000 Liability and $100,000 Cargo

             c. W-9


     5.  How do I get paid? 


           You will be paid directly from your factoring service or directly from the                                      broker/shipper, if you do not have a factoring service.


     6.  How do I pay you? 


          We have several ways that you can pay your dispatching bill:



             a. Chase Bank Zelle money transfer service

             b. Debit or Credit card

             c. Wal Mart Money Gram 


     7.  How soon can you put my truck/trucks to work?


           As long as you have the appropriate documentation, we can assign you a dispatcher                that day and have your first load for the following day. 

















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