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Power Only
Dry Vans
Hotshots w/ Trailers
Owner/Operator Set Up


Through our set up process, we will make sure that everything is in place to work for you.

Invoicing is an option for you should you choose this part of our service. It's a service of convenience, helping to take some of the work load off of you while you're on the road, saves you money, and makes sure you get paid as fast as possible.


Ms Kim will be handling your billing. Invoices will be sent out every Friday for loads that are picked up Saturday thru Friday.




Our Dispatchers will make sure your loads are correct, by calling the pickup location and delivery location to verify all of the information on the rate confirmation, such as, addresses, weight, length, etc…, before you ever leave to pick up that load. So much time is wasted when you take a load, get there, and it is too long, wide, or heavy for your truck. Her job helps to cut back on dead head, fuel costs, and wasted time.





We will provide you with great dispatchers willing to take the time to work with you and make sure you are getting the most out of your money for using our services.

Consulting Services

New to the industry? 

It can be quite confusing, all of the aspects to starting up a commercial trucking business. I have the knowledge and the contacts to help you get you on your way.

Need Help Finding A Factoring Service

We have lots of friends in this industry, Factoring Companies included. Let us help and lead you in the right direction to get you paid ASAP. Why wait on brokers and shippers billing cycles. Get paid when you deliver your load not up to 90 days later.

No MC Authority,

No Problem

We dispatch for several companies that are looking to expand their fleets.    

Whether you have a 1ton with a trailer or a Semi with/without a trailer, they are interested in you.

So, if you do not have your own MC, and you are ready to put your truck/trucks to work, we can help you to get leased onto one of these companies.

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